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         As well as felting, I’ve been working with feathers once again and have loved exploring this dimension of nature to create one-of-a-kind earrings.  Meanwhile, the time-tested nuno-felting process continues to be a joy -- a lovely combination of freshly-sheared, hand-dyed sheep fibers, along with warm water & pureed olive oil soap and, lastly, a bit of muscle power !  The two seem to go hand in hand -- felted/feathered headbands as well as hair clips wasted no time pairing up !

   Your “skinnylynnie” purchase is handsomely labeled, tagged & packaged -- and we are happy to charge your purchase.  So relax and enjoy the essence of hassle-free gift giving, whatever the occasion, my many tks !   


   Thanks for browsing my newly updated skinnylynniebags.com site -- i’m guessing you have an eye for flair and fun; so take your time browsing the new 2014 -- 2015 collections and be open to the distinct possibility that a yummy little hand-crafted-with-love treasure will likely want to go home to you !  And check out “Etcetera” -- i’ve been diversifying.........  Soon to be posted, my “all new north carolina photo galleries”, any image available will be available as a notecard or canvas of any size !



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fairview, north carolina   ©  skinnylynniebags.com       

the designer, lynnie,

lives in western north carolina

just 20 minutes SE of

the one & only funky asheville

she is a photographer

happily shooting

under carolina-blue skies

and  surrounded

by the blue ridge mountains

lynnie & her life-partner

share a home studio

where she delights

in nuno-felting & feathers 

working on the slab table

while syb sculpts

and works on the wheel

she is, as well,

the owner of


providing virtual design


marketing services

to the real estate industry.

Etcetera . . .